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[ archief ] Investing money

Overige onderwerpen met juridische of financiele achtergrond.
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Investing money

Ongelezen bericht door WandaDutton » 08 mei 2008 15:37

Private Fund Management – Investing money is an international investment company specializing in asset management services. During its long history, it has achieved and occupied a stable position in the financial market and won the confidence of numerous investors from all over the world.
Asset management
Asset management comprises the management of the client’s funds conducted on the basis of the contract signed by the investor and the management company. An investor transfers his or her powers to the management company, which chooses a professional and effective investment strategy based on the client’s aims and financial capability.
The traders react to any fluctuations on the financial market by immediately correcting the investment strategy in order to achieve and maintain high profit levels for an investor.
Asset management for our clients
• The reliability of cooperation with a professional investment company.
• No restrictions concerning the sum of the initial investment.
• Guaranteed profit rate acquired at specified periods of time.
• All decisions concerning the management of the acquired profits are made by the investor himself.
• The management company works hard to increase the investor’s income since the size of the brokerage received by it depends on the profit acquired by the client.

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Re: Investing money

Ongelezen bericht door kanovaarder » 08 mei 2008 20:40

Waarvoor is dit?

Reclame voor een zeer groot risicovol product?

Bent u de sprookjesverteller/ster soms?

Kortom voor alle lezers!
Trap hier niet in?
Maar dat begreep u toch ook al?

Lekker onbeschof weer om reclame te maken.

It's againts the rules to make advertisements on this forum.