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Reactie Ecozone

We are delighted to hear that Ecozone’s Ecoballs are the best performing washing laundry ball.  We are the originator of the product and we have been on the market for 15 years, we have developed the product continuously.  Our ingredients are carefully selected not just for quality but they must also meet our strict criteria to be Vegan and Not tested on Animals.  While we do not know the other brands of Laundry ball that you have tested we can assume that if they are similar to versions in the UK  then these will be very cheaply produced with ingredients that have little or no effect on the washing in order to meet a certain price.  Unfortunately, these types of laundry balls have destroyed the reputation of our product causing damage to our brand.

In terms of the performance of our product compared to regular washing detergents, we never make any claims that our product will match conventional methods but that ours is a more environmental option that reduces the amount of detergents entering the liquid waste stream. Our product is also of benefit for those that suffer with sensitive skin allergies and require a fragrance free cleaning option.  We appreciate that our product cannot match the stain remover power of conventional detergents, but really how often do we stain our clothes? From our research in the UK most of household clothes that are washed are not really dirty, they may be worn just once and require freshening up. Is it really necessary to use stain removing regular detergents on these  items? Or use the Ecoballs and possibly save money and save waste.  We have always been honest with the consumer and advise that they will not achieve the same ‘Whiter that White’ appearance with the Ecoballs as when use regular detergents with optical brighteners and this approach has made our product the most favored by consumers.


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