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Reactie: Forever Flawless

Naar aanleiding van onze uitzending over huidcrème met diamant heeft Forever Flawless de onderstaande reactie gegeven (in het Engels, de vetgedrukte gedeeltes zijn de door ons gestelde vragen).

Please note that Forever Flawless, LLC is a US company that wholesales and markets the line. The products are made in a certified US laboratory in Los Angeles, CA, USA and our distribution is based on dozens of licensees that own Forever Flawless boutique shops worldwide.

As a fairly new company we see major success in this business and take pride of our excellent products that are the result of years of research and development of the laboratory. We have tremendous amounts of happy loyal customers that have converted from other skin care lines to Forever Flawless and keep on referring friends and family to the Forever Flawless experience. We keep our claims and promises plain and simple and they are stated on our boxes. We know our customers and will do what is needed to keep them happy, loyal, and satisfied. Needless to say we are passionate about our brand and will do what it takes to keep its high reputation and integrity.

Please see answers to your questions below:

1. In our experience the Forever Flawless staff claims that the diamond powder in the FF skincare products can penetrate through all the layers of the skin, reducing existing wrinkles and preventing new ones. Our expert states that there has never been any scientific proof that diamond powder can do this, or have any positive effect on the skin for that matter. What scientific research do you base these claims on?

It’s well documented in research that diamonds are the world’s top exclusive natural prestigious minerals. Please research studies about microdermabrasion and dermabrasion by skin care and dermatology experts  referring to natural diamond powder as a superb exfoliator that enhances the peeling and exfoliation of layers of the epidermis allowing better penetration of the active ingredients onto the skin. I will specifically refer you to the study done by Mahuzier, Francois MD to learn more about the importance of exfoliation to a better looking, healthier skin.

2. Our experience is that the Forever Flawless employees state that the ingredients in the products are very expensive, and for this reason the Forever Flawless products are in a high price range. However, our expert states that (by looking at the ingredient list) the manufacturing costs come nowhere near the asking price in stores. In other words; the products are being sold for a significantly higher amount, one that seems to be excessively out of proportion with the costs for the ingredients in the product. How do you explain these remarkable differences?

Our marketing philosophy is to be viewed and considered as any top luxury brand in the world. Therefore, we invest millions in research and development, equipment, infrastructure, formulas, and of course in the finest packaging in the industry. Our acrylic packages are the most exclusive and expensive that we know in the beauty industry. Our ingredients, including the diamond powder are also first class and very expensive. In any event, our pricing strategy is a matter of our marketing philosophy and we definitely believe we should be among the world’s elite beauty brands. Just so you know, our customers are very happy with our products, service, and of course the results. Just like other top brands such as ROLEX, Lois Vuitton, and BENTLEY we aspire to be considered as the best of the best. We do understand the products are not affordable for everyone and we are working on adding a lesser expensive collection to the line.

3. In our experience, the prices for the Forever Flawless products in the store seem to vary strikingly. There is no set price visible in store, and employees lower the asking price very rapidly when the customer does not seem to  proceed to buying. What is your policy on the matter of asking prices? And how can the price different customers pay for the same products be so different?

As I mentioned at the top, our licensees are responsible for their pricing strategy, staffing, etc. We set limit maximum prices in $US as published on our website. Prices can vary between cities and locations based on overhead and other local expenses. Specifically, the store in Amsterdam is a new one and they are still running grand opening promotions that change from time to time. These include but not limited to discounts, gift s with purchase, and so forth. As the grand opening period will be over the store will keep its right to run promotions as it may find needed.


4. As mentioned, we base this subject in our program on the Dutch Forever Flawless franchise, and would like to receive an explanation from a Dutch spokesperson, can you tell me if there is any and how we can get in touch with a Dutch spokesperson for Forever Flawless?

Our assistance from here in the US is limited by territory. As you know, we just received your email a couple of days ago and there was a very limited time for response. Your  questions were also fairly general and as far as I read I didnt see a reference to a specific incident/ s. Yet, we have replied to you very promptly. I believe all of your questions have been fully answered. I will be happy to provide more info if you send us specific questions or examples but for the general questions you raised, yes, we are aware our products are great and high-end and we are aware that they are not affordable to anyone compared to lower-end, not as exclusive brands that are sold elsewhere. We are addressing the set price issue with the Dutch licensee but for what we know so far you referred to different promotions the store ran for its grand opening events. Because of the short time frame from your request, with the weekend included,  I am not able to answer from here if the Dutch licensee will be able to send a spokesperson to the show, if so it will be on the local level.  As the brand we will be more than happy to assist further if you send more concrete and specific concerns.

In closing, we thank you for your care and ideas for improvements. As I mentioned our integrity and reputation is our top priority.

Have a Flawless Day!

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