Budget Car Rental in Faro - reactie Auto Europe


Radar heeft op 5 augustus 2017 aandacht besteed aan autoverhuur in het buitenland. Dit naar aanleiding van een klacht van een consument over onterecht toegevoegde extra's door Budget Car Rental. De boeking was gedaan bij Auto Europe.

It is correct that the client booked a car through Auto Europe with the car rental company Budget for pick up in Faro Portugal. At the counter the employee of Budget offered the client an extra coverage product which waives the deductible of 1.599 € for this rental, which would be charged in case of a damage or accident with the rental car. The client accepted the offer and signed both the rental agreement and every single position on it. Unfortunately Auto Europe cannot take responsibility for anything the client signed personally and locally at the counter.


The client is claiming also that he got the rental agreement in Portuguese and the rental sales agent at the counter spoke a "bad" English. It is correct, that every car rental company need to make the original rental agreement in the language of the pick up country which is the reason why the client had to sign his rental agreement in Portuguese. Nevertheless Budget always provides their clients a copy of the contract (a non-signed one) in either English or if the supplier do have a translation into the language of the client. Unfortunately I cannot say anything regarding the language skills of the Budget employees, but I'm assuming that the employees of a reputable company like Budget are speaking a professional English in order to explain everything to the client.


We have tried to get a gesture of goodwill from Budget, but they gave us a clear statement that the client got a full explanation of the extra costs and agreed to it by signing the rental agreement and every single position on it.


As gesture of goodwill from Auto Europe I'd like to inform you that we have decided exceptionally to refund the client in full. We will get in contact with the client again to inform him accordingly. I hope that we could help the customer with this decision and apologize for all the inconveniences.

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