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Online dna-testen - reactie 23andMe


Hieronder lees je de reactie van 23andMe op de uitzending van Radar (03-09-2018) over online dna-testen.

The percentage breakdown we provide in our Ancestry Composition report traces heritage back roughly 300-500 years and is highly accurate. The more ancient ancestry, dating back tens of thousands of years, is related to maternal and paternal haplogroups - groups of common ancestors that existed before mass migration of the human population. Our tracing of customers' heritage to these groups is backed by incredibly sound science, using Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA that goes relatively unchanged from generation to generation, therefore allows a look back through many generations. These results are also based on published research. Furthermore, our genetic data can tell users if a segment of their DNA matches that of people with confirmed ancestry from the Netherlands or Belgium for example (and many other places that can be viewed here), based on the segment’s frequency and length. The overall percentage figures will be based on how much of their DNA matches that specific population, and the larger the percentage, the more frequent the segments of matching DNA are. When we assign percentages to certain populations, or give users more detailed country-level results for a given stretch of DNA, this ultimately means a certain portion of their DNA matches DNA from people from those populations.  

The DNA Relatives tool, which allows you to connect with other relatives is completely optional. When you get your results you must opt in to join the tool therefore your data is not shared with any other 23andMe member without your permission. Similarly you will not be able to access another customer’s data without their permission. In this opt in process, there is an overview explaining that there is a chance that you may learn of unexpected family relationships before you use the tool, so all customers are fully aware of the risks before they access it.  

We will not sell, lease or rent a customer’s individual-level information to any third party or to a third party for research purposes without their explicit consent. Any data shared with a third party will be stripped of personal details (e.g. name and contact information) and aggregated with the information of others so that a customer cannot reasonably be identified as an individual. Further information on customer data and consent for research can be found in the privacy policy section of our website.  

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